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2004-11-12  Bloomberg
China to Invest $10 Bln Over Two Years in Brazil

2004-11-12  Asia Times
Reforming China's state-owned white elephants

2004-11-12  Asia Times
Futures imperfect for China

2004-11-12  SCMP
Learned behaviour

2004-11-12  SCMP
Mixed signals coming from Taipei

2004-11-12  People's Daily
Textile quota lifting: Bane or boon?

2004-11-12  Washington Post
Chinese Whistle-Blower Punished

2004-11-12  New York Times
Iris Chang, Who Chronicled Rape of Nanking, Dies at 36

2004-11-12  LA Times
You Can't Get a Bad Rap Here,1,6068727.story

2004-11-12  The Guardian
From Mao to Armani,7369,1349493,00.html

2004-11-12  The Guardian
Great firewall of China

2004-11-12  The Guardian
Open your mind,7369,1349426,00.html

2004-11-12  The Guardian
Rebel ink,7369,1349477,00.html

2004-11-12  The Guardian
'My mother always wants to save money - I want to spend it',7369,1349333,00.html

2004-11-12  The Guardian
Shanghai's mayor inspired by Ken,7369,1349442,00.html

2004-11-12  BBC
Japan protests to China over sub

2004-11-12  Xinhua
Work on anti-trust legislation stepped up

2004-11-12  China Daily
Nation likely to be 3rd largest trading power

2004-11-12  China Daily
Mine blast kills 33, injures 6 in Henan

2004-11-12  China Economic Net
Overseas funds favor China's housing market

2004-11-12  Interfax
Tribunals to be held for controversial projects

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