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2004-11-02  China Daily
Restoring life to China's rivers

2004-11-02  SCMP
Beijing to approve Yunnan dams plan

2004-11-02  Financial Times
Taiwan seeks to reassure on privatisation drive

2004-11-02  Asia Times
China's power hunger trumps Japan diplomacy

2004-11-02  Asia Times
Hu's new era: Kinder, gentler, more relaxed

2004-11-02  Straits Times
Provincial riots leave scores dead,5562,282638,00.html?

2004-11-01  China Daily
Prevention project offers an outlet

2004-11-01  China Daily
Women in life-and-death struggle

2004-11-01  Inter Press Service
China seizes private oil wells, mirrors Russia

2004-11-01  Asia Times
Wall Street blow to Asian media

2004-11-01  AP
Chinese Police Patrol After Deadly Riots

2004-10-28  China Labor Watch
5 Chinese Labor Protestors Convicted

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