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2004-11-01  Financial Times
Rising US demand makes China a net exporter of steel

2004-11-01  Washington Post
Party Censors Leave a Chinese City to Speculate on Corruption Scandal

2004-11-01  ABC News
Protesters clash with police in China over land requisitions

2004-11-01  AP
China harshly critical of Bush Doctrine

2004-11-01  World Socialist Web Site
Mass protests in China point to sharp social tensions

2004-11-01  SCMP
Taken for a ride, cabbies challenge taxi companies

2004-11-01  SCMP
Mine-scarred county digs deep to survive

2004-11-01  People's Daily
China plans to send two men to space in 2005

2004-10-31  Business Week
How China Opened My Eyes

2004-10-31  SCMP
HK's political elite waits in the wings

2004-10-31  New York Times
Ethnic Clashes Erupt in China, Leaving 150 Dead

2004-10-31  Baltimore Sun
China's economy looks to MBAs

2004-10-31  Knight Ridder
The payoff is coming at last for investors in China

2004-10-31  Bloomberg News
Lending rules may benefit private firms in China

2004-10-29  Interfax
Protests take place at Pubugou Hydropower Plant

2004-10-28  Interfax
Outrage emerges over Pubugou hydropower project in Sichuan

2004-08-04  China Economic Net
China's large hydroelectric projects lead to the poverty of 10 million migrants

2004-07-30  Interfax
Hydropower development in southwest questioned

2000-12-22  People's Daily
Construction of Pubugou Hydropower Station to Kick off

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