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Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 09:30:55 -0700

2004-10-15  AP
China orders strengthened political indoctrination for students

2004-10-15  People's Daily
China's top ten villas unveiled

2004-10-15  Financial Times
Carmakers brake in China amid falling sales

2004-10-15  SCMP
Warner Bros forms China venture

2004-10-15  SCMP
Labour survey exposes extent of shortage in skilled workers

2004-10-15  AFP
Economic cooling 'will not hold back west'

2004-10-15  People's Daily
China's foreign trade bounces back into black

2004-10-15  Asia Times
Taiwan speech: Much ado about nothing

2004-10-15  Asia Times
Ugly row over Tibet beauty contest

2004-10-14  Beijing Review
Farmers Reap Rewards

2004-10-14  Straits Times
China sends more troops to N. Korea border,4386,278118,00.html

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