Re: Slave state

From "brian turner" <>
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 04:42:42 +0000

Re: Coulter's rhetoric, it is not generally representative of the right-wing 
in the US.  She makes her living by making provocative statements (and a 
good one).   William F. Buckley or Christopher Caldwell, to pick two 
examples, do not talk and write this way.

Her comment about racism is partly right.  Those calling for special 
treatment of races other than African Americans is usually considered 
racist, and not unjustly in most circumstances.  Her over the top comment is 
a shot back at those who insinuate the Republican Party is racist because 
it's against affirmative action.

>it's one of the funnier rhetorical devices used in american politics,
>reference to slave state where workers change their jobs faster than you
>can blink an eye...go figure.

She meant slaves of the state, not a particular employer.  Of course the 
statement is nonsense.  Some rightists haven't gotten the memo that the PRC 
is a pro-big business center-right powerful state now, and they can adore it 
like they did and still do re: Pinochet era Chile.

> > The AFL-CIO's case that China is
> > engaging in unfair trade is also the absence of bourgeious
> > freedoms in China, and  you hear stuff like this ad nauseum in the press 
> > the 'free world.'

In what way is the US, Europe, or Japan not "free"?  I think the sarcastic 
quotes blurs the line between social justice and freedom.  They are 
different, and not always present in tandem.  Marx was insistent throughout 
his writings that "bourgeois" freedoms mocked by Lenin so forcefully were 
absolutely essential prerequisties for justice, just not sufficient in and 
of themselves.  He enthusiastically welcomed their expansion in Europe as a 
triumph for the working class, even when NOT accompanied by social justice 

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