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2004-09-27  Cox News Service
China tries, with limited success, to halt online porn

2004-09-27  AP
China Minmetals hopes to buy miner

2004-09-27  Asia Pulse
Foreign real estate business booms in China

2004-09-27  Asia Times
China's Russian pipe dream

2004-09-27  Inter Press Service
Tarted-up mooncakes sell like hotcakes

2004-09-27  SCMP
China mulls stabilisation fund

2004-09-27  SCMP
Pension fund's pleas for more cash unheeded

2004-09-27  SCMP
Shanghai's artists seek more freedom

2004-09-27  SCMP
New rule to crack down on road toll corruption

2004-09-27  Financial Times
China mulls law to protect minority investors

2004-09-27  Caijing
Automaker Brilliance in Showdown with Executives Over Stock Options

2004-09-27  China Daily
Levy of inheritance tax unlikely

2004-09-27  Christian Science Monitor
Hot new buzzword spreading in rural China: citrus

2004-09-27  Washington Post
Big Red Ferrari Wins in Land of Little Red Book

2004-09-27  LA Times
Shanghai Textbook Brings Love Into Heart of Education,1,3778427.story

2004-09-27  Business Line
China's growth model slows Asia's rise

2004-09-27  AFP
China's leaders issue blueprint for staying in power,4395,274816,00.html

2004-09-27  China Daily
Advisory body answers the call

2004-09-27  China Daily
Experts: Encourage megacities

2004-09-26  Reuters
China joins top rank of global semiconductor makers

2004-09-26  China Daily
Sharpening nation's strategic competitiveness

2004-09-26  Financial Times
Taiwan is seeking missiles that could hit China

2004-09-26  Financial Times
Chinese leaders warn over corruption threat

2004-09-26  People's Daily
Chinese Communist Party publishes key policy document on governance capability

2004-09-26  China Labour Bulletin
Workers on Trial

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