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2004-09-23  The Australian
Ross Terrill: Brezhnev in Beijing,5744,10847475%255E7583,00.html

2004-09-22  Xinhua
Forbes to enlarge China's richest list

2004-09-22  People's Daily
China tops investment destinations

2004-09-22  People's Daily
China meets basic requirements for market economy status

2004-09-22  AFP
Report on China's WTO compliance highlights copyright, market access concerns

2004-09-22  Knight Ridder
Throngs of migrants flooding China's Silk Road cities

2004-09-22  The Times
China's oil imports rise 37%,,9072-1274416,00.html

2004-09-22  Washington Post
China Gives No Ground In Spats Over History

2004-09-22  AP
Beijing Officials Join Some G-7 Talks

2004-09-22  Asia Times
Hu holds the scepter - and now the sword

2004-09-22  Asia Times
Taiwan frets over US 'spy crisis'

2004-09-22  Asia Times
Modern mask hides conditions in rural China

2004-09-22  Asia Times
China to Europe via a new Burma road

2004-09-22  Asia Times
China mulls oil pipelines in Myanmar, Thailand

2004-09-22  Xinhua
China's reform of state-owned banks must succeed: vice-premier

2004-09-22  China Daily
Banks urged to dig deep to help students

2004-09-22  China Economic Net
A new thinking about Chinese enterprises' breakthroughs in international trade barriers

2004-09-22  Christian Science Monitor
China leadership shifts, but it hopes US leaders don't

China Orders Journal Closed Over N.Korea Story

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