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2004-09-21  New Scientist
Google omits controversial news stories in China

2004-09-21  SCMP
Of life and breath

2004-09-21  SCMP
Shenzhen medics face fines as sick are turned away

2004-09-21  SCMP
Hu's succession ushers in new era of military power

2004-09-21  SCMP
Financial reforms may gain new momentum after departure

2004-09-21  VOA
China Protests Establishment of Uighur Government-in-Exile in Washington

2004-09-21  LA Times
A Home for Jews in China,1,2174193.story

2004-09-21  People's Daily
Chinese president calls for developing socialist democracy

2004-09-21  Asia Times
China: Passing the torch wasn't easy

2004-09-21  Sydney Morning Herald
China's brain drain is our brain waste

2004-09-21  China Daily
"Bicycle Kingdom" rules no more

2004-09-21  China Economic Net
China version of Google news challenges portals in China

2004-09-21  Straits Times
Ruling party pledges to advance the rule of law,4386,273762,00.html?

2004-09-21  People's Daily
China's "going global" overseas investment shows five traits

2004-09-21  New York Times
On a Bridge of Sighs, the Suicidal Meet a Staying Hand

2004-09-21  AP
Academics urge Taipei to scrap US arms deal,4386,273760,00.html?

2004-09-21  China Daily
City moves to help unemployed

2004-09-21  The Guardian
China's rise in wealth brings fall in health,7369,1308921,00.html

2004-09-21  China Economic Net
The second decisive battle between Chinese and foreign color TV industries

2004-09-20  Straits Times
Wen to lobby for oil pipeline from Siberia,4386,273747,00.html?

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