Seattle CSG

From "Sun Wukong" <>
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2004 22:56:09 +0000

Dear list members in the Seattle area,

I'd like to put together a China Study Group branch for the Seattle area, to 
be based at UW. We would meet once a month at UW campus and discuss our 
research, current events, work published on the website 
(, and activist strategy. I'd also like to develop 
ties with other radical and/or activist groups in Seattle, such as the 
United Students against Sweatshops/Worker Rights Consortium, which has been 
helping out the Chinese Working Women Network in Guangdong. Group members 
will be encouraged to contribute to the CSG online journal, "Alternative 
China Review". If you're interested, please contact me at this address, or 
call me at 206-522-3958.

Matthew Hale
"Revolutionaries are beautiful monkey kings...
We wield our golden-banded cudgels and use our magic to turn the old world 
upside down, smash it to pieces, pulverize it, and create chaos!
We are bent on creating a tremendous proletarian uproar,
and hewing out a proletarian new world!"
(Manifesto of the Qinghua University High School Red Guards, 1966)

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