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Date 8 Aug 2004 15:28:59 -0000

2004-08-08  San Francisco Chronicle
Workers' homes expendable as China prospers

2004-08-08  LA Times
Some 'Sea Turtles' Find Foreign Degrees Don't Float in China

2004-08-08  LA Times
Ghost From the Past Hinders China

2004-08-08  SCMP
Too many boys means trouble

2004-08-08  Bloomberg
It's Tough to Be a Chinese Bank These Days: David DeRosa

2004-08-08  Shanghai Star
Adult sex toy expo touches sensitive area

2004-08-08  Washington Post
In China, Eyesight Fixed by Rail

2004-08-08  New York Times
China in Africa: All Trade, With No Political Baggage

2004-08-07  Reuters
Tension high at China-Japan soccer showdown

2004-07-16  Beijing Today
Town and Country Collide

2004-07-09  Beijing Today
Woman Bites Microchip

2004-08-06  AP
China Vows to Outrun Drug Past

2004-08-07  Xinhua
China strives to satisfy teaching needs of surging university students

2004-08-07  AFP
Lung cancer, traffic accidents now China's main killers

2004-08-07  Straits Times
Ex-Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang still pushing for reforms

2004-08-07  Straits Times
Kuomintang in crisis

2004-08-07  Straits Times
Mentally ill attacker gains public sympathy

2004-08-07  Washington Post
Farmers' Rising Anger Erupts in China Village