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Date 30 Jul 2004 16:15:35 -0000

2004-07-30  SCMP
Railways ministry eyes restructuring

2004-07-30  SCMP
Coal miners face long, painful death

2004-07-30  SCMP
Group to focus on economic issues

2004-07-30  China Economic Net
Foreign companies in China expedites sole proprietorship

2004-07-30  New York Times
Look at the Sea of People (Actually, It's a Chinese Beach)

2004-07-30  Straits Times
China 'has no timetable for Taiwan reunion'

2004-07-30  AFP
Chinese dam projects have made 10m poor

2004-07-30  Reuters
China Warns of Military Clash with Taiwan by 2008

2004-07-30  LA Times
Beating in U.S. Hits Nerve in China

2004-07-30  Financial Times
China's infrastructure drags on growth surge

2004-07-30  China Economic Net
Private enterprises bear the brunt of banks' tighter scrutiny on loans

2004-07-26  Newsweek
Just the Facts

2004-07-29  FEER
A Diplomatic Offensive

2004-07-29  SCMP
Protesters live in tents on outskirts of flattened village

2004-07-29  Xinhua
China's foreign trade expected to top 1,000 billion US dollars

2004-07-29  People's Daily
China gains first increase in urban employment in first half since 1996

2004-07-29  Globe and Mail
Boyz in Beijing

2004-07-29  China Daily
Government opens more financing channels

2004-07-29  China Economic Net
China's revision of the GDP encounters doubts

2004-07-29  Asia Times
Chinese migrants and the power of guangxi

2004-07-29  Asia Times
China-Uzbek pact bad news for Uighurs