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Date 26 Jul 2004 23:40:10 -0000

2004-07-26  People's Daily
China: how to seize "commanding point" of biotechnology

2004-07-26  AP
China's Internet Population Grows 28 Pct.

2004-07-26  Straits Times
US not panicking over Chinese war of words on Taiwan

2004-07-26  AFP
More Chinese children seek plastic surgery

2004-07-26  Straits Times
Taiwan promises to refrain from provoking China

2004-07-26  China Economic Net
Personnel adjustment reveals the defects of the system of state-owned enterprises

2004-07-26  China Daily
State property sector to reshuffle

2004-07-26  China Daily
China's agricultural sector opening further

2004-07-26  China Daily
Yiwu's thirsting for more moisture

2004-07-27  China Daily
Cities locked in water dispute

2004-07-26  Reuters
Air China flight hijacked before safe landing

2004-07-26  Asia Times
Gas and oil rivalry in the East China Sea

2004-07-24  SCMP
Millionaire's killers face death

2004-07-24  SCMP
City of 1.4m faces food shortage after floods

2004-07-24  SCMP
Protest over 'poisoning' of battery workers

2004-07-24  SCMP
Economist baffled by ban on his book

2004-07-24  New York Times
A Chinese Bookworm Raises Her Voice in Cyberspace

2004-07-24  FEER
Collateral Damage

2004-07-24  Straits Times
Political battle over Chiang's burial

2004-07-24  Straits Times
China job squeeze to get even tighter

2004-07-24  China Daily
Government to step back from investing