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Date 19 Jul 2004 10:55:35 -0000

2004-07-03  The Economist
Soft landing?

2004-07-10  The Economist
The soy road

2004-07-19  AFP
China in bid to shut porn sites

2004-07-19  AP
China faces major grain shortfall

2004-07-18  AP
Chemical Leak in China Sickens 376 People

2004-07-19  China Daily
Bid to ensure enough food

2004-07-16  The Guardian
China offers parents cash incentives to produce more girls

2004-07-19  China Daily
Don't sweat joblessness: Be your own boss

2004-07-11  Caijing
Oil Concerns Rising

2004-07-07  Caijing
Sino-US Air Pact Causes Domestic Panic

2004-07-06  Caijing
Audit Report Lifts Veil on Corruption in Guangdong

2004-07-18  AFP
China reports first rise in poverty since start of reforms

2004-07-19  Straits Times
Companies wising up to tough nature of business in China

2004-07-18  SCMP
Commune Inc milks Mao dream

2004-07-18  The Sunday Herald
Sexy ‘text message’ novel has China buzzing

2004-07-18  Seattle Times
China's strength is seen via purchasing power

2004-07-18  New York Times
How a Technology Gap Helped China Win Jobs

2004-07-18  AP
Urban China Struggles With Battle of the Bulge

2004-07-17  Financial Times
Relief as China's rip-roaring economy slips effortlessly into calmer waters