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Date 3 Jul 2004 18:17:47 -0000

2004-07-03  AFP
Chinese protesters seek go-ahead for 10,000-strong rally

2004-07-03  Straits Times
Market economy status: China in the dumps

2004-07-03  AP
Shenzhen has enough water for just a month

2004-07-02  Washington Post
Implored to 'Offshore' More

2004-07-03  CNN
China rejects HK protest call

2004-07-04  New York Times
China's Silent Screen Queen

2004-07-03  LA Times
China's Newest Cultural Revolution Worries Elders

2004-07-02  Financial Times
Hong Kong's marchers worry Beijing

2004-07-02  Financial Times
Beijing eases rules on foreign investment

2004-07-03  China Daily
US may impose quota on Chinese textile

2004-06-28  Inter Press Service
Asia flexes its free-trade muscles

2004-06-29  Asia Times
Taiwanese gold rush to China

2004-06-30  Asia Times
KMT: A lurching pantomime horse

2004-06-30  Asia Times
Beijing kills Hong Kong's 'buzz'