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2004-06-26  Washington Post
The Chinese Divide

2004-06-26  Asia Pacific Media Network
The End of the Sino-American Honeymoon?

2004-06-26  The Age
China asked to help suppress Maoist uprising

2004-06-26  People's Daily
What to do after becoming a big power?

2004-06-26  Straits Times
Beijing's divide-and-rule strategy in Hongkong

2004-06-26  Foreign Affairs
A Global Power Shift in the Making

2004-06-26  People's Daily
China establishes 85 geoparks

2004-06-26  Xinhua
China clears development zones to make way for grain production

2004-06-26  UPI
Analysis: Is China losing its soft touch?

2004-06-26  New York Times
China Pays a Price for Cheaper Oil

2004-06-26  China Economic Net
Wind power generation is an important strategic choice to solve the shortage of China's electricity and energy

2004-06-25  Beijing Review
Huawei Technologies plays in the big league&#12288;

2004-06-25  Asia Times
So much for the Spratly Islands accord

2004-06-25  Asia Times
China's 'phantom regent' still very real

2004-05-17  Renmin Wang
On New Idea on 'Power and Capital Corruption'

2004-06-25  Xinhua
China's farmland dwindles by 6mln hectares in 7 years