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Date 19 Jun 2004 10:28:03 -0000

2004-06-18  CNN
Shopping strip, Beijing style

2004-06-19  Xinhua
IT becomes pillar industry of Chinese economy

2004-06-19  China Daily
Power plants hungrier for coal

2004-06-19  Xinhua
What does summer harvest mean to China's economy?

China grains up, but it will not help global supplies

2004-06-19  Straits Times
Taiwan may resort to terrorist tactics: Beijing

2004-06-18  SCMP
Wenzhou group plans to launch private bank

2004-06-19  SCMP
Shanghai property bubble shows first signs of major leak

2004-06-18  SCMP
State to approve capital's land sales

2004-06-19  SCMP
Migrant work still fraught with risks

2004-06-19  SCMP
Privatised firms have best of both worlds

2004-06-19  SCMP
TV producers scramble to find inoffensive shows

2004-06-19  Straits Times
Grain prices shoot up as China loses farmland

2004-06-18  Asia Times
Lessons learned from a senior spy

2004-06-18  Asia Times
Six-party talks: Strike 3

2004-06-18  Asia Times
Shanghai group aims to keep US in check

2004-06-19  LA Times
Urbanization Increases Temperatures in China

2004-06-19  Xinhua
Internet pact stresses orderly development

2004-06-18  LA Times
U.S. Plans Duties on Chinese Furniture

2004-06-18  Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)
Can We All Follow China's Way Out of Poverty?

2004-06-18  Reuters
Rail Gridlock Drag on China's Roaring Economy

2004-06-18  Xinhua
China strives to purify Internet content

2004-06-18  Financial Times
China curbs will apply to all banks - regulator

2004-06-19  Straits Times
Exposing China's conflicted nature

2004-06-19  AP
China, U.S. have agreed to big jump in air traffic