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Date 14 Jun 2004 18:28:06 -0000

2004-06-14  AFP
China struggling to contain snail fever

2004-06-14  Financial Times
China targets over-investment in shopping malls

2004-06-14  SCMP
Tycoons' trip north bears fruit for firms

2004-06-14  SCMP
Proposed dam may leave poor high and dry

2004-06-14  The Times
Investor says China unable to handle collapse

2004-06-14  FEER
Exposed: China's Shadowy Private Sector

2004-06-14  FEER
Caught in the Credit Squeeze

2004-06-14  Business Week
GM: Gunning It In China

2004-06-14  China Daily
IPR strategy to define government's role

2004-06-14  Financial Times
John Dizard: Hard truth of China's soft landing

2004-06-14  Financial Times
Soft-soaping China's hard landing

2004-06-14  Reuters
Foreign direct investment in China rises 11%

2004-06-14  China Daily
Proactive fiscal policy being phased out

2004-06-14  China Economic Net
China's "Rand" corporation is expected in the consultation of government's decision-making

2004-06-14  Straits Times
A-Mei cancels concert after protests by Chinese