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Date 10 Jun 2004 04:39:11 -0000

2004-06-07  Xinhua
Artificial beauty pageant set for August

2004-06-10  New York Times
Now, a Great Leap Forward in Luxury

2004-06-10  Straits Times
One-child rule losing hold in China's rural areas

2004-06-10  Christian Science Monitor
China hums with change

2004-06-10  Xinhua
China's sitcom father to make Chinese "Friends"

2004-06-10  China Business Weekly
Half of China's rich aren't spending

2004-06-09  Korean Herald
China still a yellow brick road for carmakers

2004-06-09  The Advocate
Art-house films repackaged as porn in China

2004-06-09  SCMP
Missing inaction

2004-06-09  SCMP
Yangtze region expects massive power shortages

2004-06-09  Reuters
U.S. Puzzled by China Comment on North Korea

2004-06-10  China Daily
Freeway sparks development dilemma

2004-06-10  China Economic Net
The wave of transnational mergers and acquisitions in China's beer industry

2004-06-09  Reuters
Eleven Chinese Killed in Afghan Attack

2004-06-09  Asia Times
Hong Kong's Red shadows

2004-06-09  Financial Times
China urges US compromise on N Korea

2004-06-09  Asia Times
China spooked by Hong Kong's films

2004-06-09  Asia Times
Beware the petrodragon's roar