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Date 7 Jun 2004 05:22:05 -0000

2004-06-06  AFP
Deadly mines power China's economic growth

2004-06-07  SCMP
New private conglomerates aim at breaking up family ties

2004-06-06  China Daily
Consolidation benefits people, ecology

2004-06-06  New York Times
The Venus de China

2004-06-07  SCMP
Triumph of a 1,000-year-old bureaucracy

2004-06-06  AP
Team to Look for CIA Pilots Lost in China

2004-06-06  New York Times
Surrounded by Factories, a Cobbler Takes His Time

2004-06-07  Bloomberg
China's status in U.S. hinges on peg

2004-06-07  China Daily
China's economy: Where to from here?

2004-06-07  Straits Times
S. Korean students go West - to China

2004-06-07  China Economic Net
What WTO membership really means

2004-06-07  Financial Times
General Motors plans $3bn expansion in China

2004-06-07  China Economic Net
Offshore financial centers affect cross-border capital flow in China