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Date 1 Jun 2004 10:11:02 -0000

2004-05-31  The Hindu
Beijing: In and outside the sixth ring road

2004-06-01  SCMP
Second board quietly eases into action

2004-06-01  China Daily
SOEs cast net wider to find new bosses

2004-06-01  Xinhua
Left-behind rural minors ring alarm bell for more social problemsin China

2004-05-31  People's Daily
How will US and UK handle the chaos in Iraq after power delivery?

2004-06-01  China Daily
Controversy over ID cards for children

2004-05-31  Xinhua
Chinese urban employees earn more

2004-06-01  Xinhua
China considers easing control over capital accounts: official

2004-05-31  China Economic Net
Who is buying bad assets?

2004-06-01  China Economic Net
Foreign architects' fruitful days in Beijing

2004-05-31  Washington Post
Jiang Puts Hard Line To the Test In China

2004-05-31  New York Times
Salvaging Jewish Heritage in China, Block by Block

2004-05-31  Reuters
China Accuses U.S. of Pushing Taiwan Independence

2004-05-31  AP
U.S. Firm to by Stake in Chinese Bank

2004-05-31  AP
U.S.: China Rethinking Strategy on Taiwan