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Date 26 May 2004 01:34:12 -0000

2004-05-26  SCMP
IFC invests US$ 105m in two firms

2004-05-26  SCMP
Mainland denies responsibility for rising international oil price

2004-05-26  Xinhua
Reform to focus on large SOEs

2004-05-25  People's Daily
China cracks down on illegal land use

2004-05-25  Asia Times
China-Taiwan: Talking the talk, walking the walk

2004-05-25  Financial Times
Quality of investment key to China, says IMF

2004-05-25  AP
China Said to Require OK on Game Products

2004-05-25  American Enterprise Institute
China: The Unplannable, Planned Economy

2004-05-25  Xinhua
China to nurture more transnationals

2004-05-25  AP
Leader in Banned Church Said Arrested

2004-05-26  Christian Science Monitor
Singapore: a model for China?

2004-05-26  Straits Times
Extreme makeovers are all the rage in China

2004-05-25  Reuters
South America seeks China free-trade pact

2004-05-25  AFP
China exports Aids drug ingredients

2004-05-18  New York Times
Viewing China From the West and From Within