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Date 24 May 2004 00:57:45 -0000

2004-05-23  People's Daily
Economic macro-control continues to be strengthened

2004-05-22  Xinhua
"Weekend imprisonment" helps prisoners return to social life

2004-05-24  China Daily
Climate change affecting crops

2004-05-23  China Business Weekly
Year-long trade deficit possible: experts

2004-05-23  Xinhua
China-made anti-AIDS medicine benefiting developing countries

2004-05-23  People's Daily
China issues white paper on Tibet

2004-05-22  New York Times
William Hinton, Author Who Studied Chinese Village Life, Dies at 85

2004-05-21  New York Times
China Fuels Brazil's Dream of Being a Steel Power

Chinese People's Republic Is Unfair to Its Short People

2004-05-23  Straits Times
The $755b question over China's foreign reserves

2004-05-24  Straits Times
Radio advertising set to make a splash in China

2004-05-24  Straits Times
Siberia's Lake Baikal 'ideal source'

2004-05-21  The Guardian
Car industry at crossroads in China

2004-05-23  The Observer
On a mission

2004-05-23  Financial Times
HSBC begins talks with Chinese bank

2004-05-21  Asia Times
Chen 'builds bridges' to the mainland

2004-05-20  Asia Times
The Bush family: Middle Kingdom rainmakers

2004-05-23  AP

China trying to one-up technology world

2004-05-20  Inter Press Service
In search of the new El Dorado

2004-05-23  Financial Times
Looking past the US, to China

2004-05-21  Asia Times
Taiwan: Trying to please everyone

2004-05-22  New York Times
A Gadfly Criticizes China's Powerful, Within Limits