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Date 16 May 2004 21:41:01 -0000

2004-05-14  SCMP
Tougher steps to rein in runaway growth in offing

2004-05-14  SCMP
Central bank chief juggles hot economic potato

2004-05-16  Newsweek
The Chinese Chicago

2004-05-15  Sydney Morning Herald
What would Mao say? This cultural revolution is a playful artistic romp

2004-05-16  China Daily
China's nuke plan lures foreigners

2004-05-16  Bloomberg
China's Port Congestion Delays Deliveries, May Hamper Growth

2004-05-14  People's Daily
Migrant rural workers reach 113.9m

2004-05-16  People's Daily
US trade panel approves duties on Chinese TV sets

2004-05-16  AAP
China could become world wind power

2004-05-15  Straits Times

China urged to allow couples to have two kids

2004-05-16  LA Times
The U.S. Won't Take Yes for an Answer From Taiwan

2004-05-16  AP
China's Widening Footprint Prompts Trepidation

2004-05-16  The Observer
China's banks face crisis

2004-05-16  Reuters
Assurances on China's Economy Belie Doubt

2004-05-15  China Daily
Selling slapstick by cellphone

2004-05-15  SCMP
Illegal land use inquiry implicates thousands