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Date 3 May 2004 16:48:06 -0000

2004-05-03  China Daily
Software censors porn, violence

2004-05-03  SCMP
Venture capitalists catch China fever

2004-05-03  SCMP
Rural trend of abandoning babies spreads to the cities

2004-05-03  Boston Globe
Chinese seek redress over Japan's discarded arms

2004-05-02  Financial Times
TSMC to build chip plant in China

2004-05-03  Financial Times
China acts to fill in missing pension pieces

2004-05-03  AFP
Sex-change bride is a hit in China

2004-05-03  New York Times
Let Freedom Ring? Not So Fast. China's Still China

2004-05-03  Asia Times
Applying brakes to China's red-hot economy