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Date 22 Apr 2004 03:12:18 -0000

2004-04-22  Xinhua
News analysis: surge in consumer prices puts China on guard

2004-04-21  Washington Post
Kim Reaches Understanding With Chinese Government

2004-04-21  Mark O'Neill
Backlash as developers encroach on historic waterway

2004-04-21  SCMP
Accountability moves a step closer

2004-04-21  SCMP
Echoes of Mao in rural health postings

2004-04-21  SCMP
Legal system taxed by WTO

2004-04-22  SCMP
IMF raises forecast for China's GDP growth

2004-04-21  AFP
Gas leaks in China kill three, poison hundreds

2004-04-21  Xinhua
Public phones link Internet in Shenzhen

2004-04-21  People's Daily
China must accelerate construction of the important chip industry

2004-04-21  BBC
China raids 'fake milk' markets

2004-04-21  China Daily
Greenspan: China's economy may be overheating

2004-04-21  Reuters
U.S. Warns Taiwan on Independence Moves

2004-04-21  Asia Times
Indian ship-breaking drifts to China

2004-04-21  Asia Times
Tibetan tale of two rival teenage lamas

2004-04-21  Financial Times
Shinsei plans private equity fund in China

2004-04-21  Financial Times
US and China reach deal on trade disputes