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Date 16 Apr 2004 19:52:05 -0000

2004-04-16  People's Daily
From surplus to deficit, Chinese agriculture in hard time

2004-04-16  China Daily
Beating the empty-nester blues

2004-04-16  AP
Car-crazy China tries drive-in movies

2004-04-16  Reuters
China wins showdown with US over human rights

2004-04-16  People's Daily
China should be cautious of 'hard landing' of economy

2004-04-16  People's Daily
US: China does not manipulate currency

2004-04-16  Xinhua
China develops new pilot model of poverty reduction

2004-04-16  Asia Times
Falling into the Chinese orbit

2004-04-16  Asia Pulse
China, Korea embrace Japan smart-tag standards

2004-04-16  AFP
China booming but urban poverty set to get worse

2004-04-15  Reuters
China may invest $5 bln in Brazil ports, railways

2004-04-16  The Guardian
Publish and be damned

2004-04-15  Financial Times
Hot money swells China's currency reserves