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Date 5 Apr 2004 23:45:48 -0000

2004-04-05  Xinhua
DV works record real life

2004-04-04  SCMP
My secret life as Coral

2004-04-05  SCMP
Why revaluation is off the agenda

2004-04-05  SCMP
The mainland's toughest financial problem

2004-04-05  AP
Taiwan Wants China to Drop Hardline Policy

2004-04-05  Reuters
China detains noted Aids activist

2004-04-05  Reuters
China's Zhao Ziyang in Ill Health - - Source

2004-04-05  China Daily
Four reasons why China will not revalue RMB

2004-04-05  Xinhua
Hu's speech on development strategies issued

2004-04-05  People's Daily
China the world's 4th auto producer

2004-04-04  Xinhua
China's contingency mechanism for public health emergencies takes initial shape

2004-04-04  San Francisco Chronicle
Changing China

2004-04-04  Washington Post
Arrest of Journalists Seen as Payback for A Bold Voice in China

2004-04-02  World Socialist Web Site
Chinese regime amends constitution to protect private ownership

2004-03-30  China Daily
Private participation encouraged on SOE reform