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Date 30 Mar 2004 17:06:42 -0000

2004-03-30  SCMP
Boost for farmers as rice price raised 21pc

2004-03-30  SCMP
Luxury living in Shenzhen simply par for the course

2004-03-30  Xinhua
Farm produce brokers active in rural China

2004-03-30  Xinhua
China's ARJ21 regional jet eyes global market

2004-03-30  Xinhua
China, Commonwealth of Dominica establish diplomatic ties

2004-03-30  Xinhua
China publishes white paper on human rights progress

2004-03-30  China Daily
Firms need buying autonomy

2004-03-29  China Daily
Duststorm hits Beijing, north China

2004-03-30  Washington Post
Chinese Government Touts Human Rights Progress

2004-03-30  Inter Press Service
Taiwan: Reunification fast becoming fiction

2004-03-30  Asia Times
Demon and deity

2004-03-30  New York Times
China Detains 3 Relatives of Victims at Tiananmen

2004-03-30  New York Times
Russia's East Catches China Fever in a Free Trade Zone

2004-03-30  BBC
China's middle class growing fast

2004-03-30  Reuters
Taiwan Sees Ties with China Deadlocked Forever

2004-03-29  Business Week
Korea's China Play