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Date 29 Mar 2004 19:07:56 -0000

2004-03-26  Xinhua
Mekong's low flows no link with Chinese dams, MRC

2004-03-25  New Scientist
Chinese dams blamed for Mekong's bizarre flow

2004-03-29  Xinhua
China to publish white paper on human rights progress

2004-03-29  Xinhua
China's east aims at balanced development

2004-03-29  SCMP
Reining in the runaway budget deficit

2004-03-29  SCMP
LCD firms to pay for playing catch-up

2004-03-29  SCMP
'BMW incident' sentence upheld

2004-03-29  SCMP
The truth about human rights

2004-03-29  Washington Post
Taiwan President Pushes Independence From China

2004-03-29  Reuters
Taiwan's Lien Challenges Presidential Vote

2004-03-29  Financial Times
Pirate goods are damaging China's developing relationship with Japan

2004-03-29  Reuters
Men's Magazine Maxim to Debut in China

2004-03-29  AP
China goes all out to give Chen's victory a bad press

2004-03-29  Straits Times
Manual shows way to independent Taiwan

2004-03-29  Straits Times
Taiwan's green expansion

2004-03-28  Financial Times
China flexes muscles on Hong Kong rule