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Date 27 Mar 2004 06:23:20 -0000

2004-03-26  BBC
China learns to travel in style

2004-03-27  Straits Times
The yuan's hot and Beijing is worried

2004-03-27  China Daily
US is hypocritical over human rights jibes: Commentary

2004-03-27  China Daily
Schoolwork never ends for kids

2004-03-27  China Daily
State to shut down shady mines

2004-03-27  Xinhua
China to help SOEs go public by injecting funds

2004-03-27  Xinhua
Chinese experts call for enacting of Law on Human Rights

2004-03-27  People's Daily
Asia: what if RMB yuan appreciated

2004-03-27  The Guardian
Chinese war slaves win damages from Japan

2004-03-27  The Guardian
Inside the grim world of the gangmasters

2004-03-27  Washington Post
China to Rule on Hong Kong Vote

2004-03-25  Financial Times
Taiwan radicals urge violent protests

2004-03-27  Straits Times
No capital flight to mainland, say Taiwanese

2004-03-27  Straits Times
How did KMT lose 600,000 votes?

2004-03-27  Taipei Times
Chen declared winner despite protests

2004-03-26  Reuters
China to invest pensions overseas

2004-03-27  Washington Post
China Warns Taiwan to Contain Post-Election Turmoil

2004-03-27  AFP
Major protest planned as China, US wade into Taiwan's election fracas

2004-03-26  AFP
China hints it may step in if there is chaos in Taiwan

2004-03-26  Financial Times
China counts economic costs as water shortages hamper growth

2004-03-26  The Guardian
The election victory that makes China so nervous

2004-03-26  Asia Times
New Sino-Japanese strain over disputed islands