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Date 4 Mar 2004 15:49:52 -0000

2004-03-04  Xinhua
China takes tough measures to protect farmland

2004-03-04  China Daily
People's congress system explained

2004-03-04  SCMP
Privatisation, cuts planned for PLA

2004-03-04  SCMP
Tesco moves closer to hypermarket foray in mainland

2004-03-04  AP
China's Parliament Is a Chamber for Debate

2004-03-04  AP
Chinese Activist Released From Prison

2004-03-04  LA Times
Chinese Seize Upon a Chance to Sound Off

2004-03-04  Bloomberg News
Commentary: Productivity gains will lift the yuan, but not soon

2004-03-04  Financial Times
Powell hints at action on China's human rights

2004-03-04  Bloomberg
China's Premier Wen Targets Banks, Rural Incomes

2004-03-04  Xinhua
China says good-bye to blind pursuit of GDP growth

2004-03-04  Inter Press Service
It's official: China will bless private property