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Date 3 Feb 2004 12:55:18 -0000

2004-02-02  PTI
Chinese oil giant to bid for Iranian oil field Beijing

2004-02-02  China Daily
Old industrial bases get cash

2004-02-03  Chicago Tribune
China cracks down on bad cops

2004-02-03  China Daily
Commentary: Time for plain talk on trade

2004-02-03  People's Daily
Trade deficit originates in US extravagance

2004-02-03  Asia Times
Taiwan business in China supports opposition

2004-02-03  Asia Times
A first: Tibetans make films on Tibet

2004-02-03  Financial Times
China launches crackdown on bank network

2004-02-03  LA Times
Beijing Has a Problem: Its Man in Hong Kong

2004-02-03  AP
Taiwan's leader calls for demilitarized zone with China

2004-02-03  CNN
China aiming for 'peaceful rise'