re: Brian's message about li zhisui etc.

From "Sun Wukong" <>
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:32:17 +0000

(the first message seems to have evaporated, so i'm sending a second one)


Thanks for your informative and useful comments on the li zhisui book and its reception, your critique of Lao Dong's critique (did u. of h. library have it? i'm impressed. i wonder how they got it), and the interview w/ Teiwes. I've posted your message on the CSG blog ( just delete it if you don't want it there.


"We should learn from Sun Wukong
[the monkey king]:
he swings his golden-banded cudgel
and shatters the firmament;
his anti-dogmatism is manifested
in doing as he pleases."
---Mao Zedong

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