Forwarded from Hairong Yan: Call for Papers

From Saul Thomas <>
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 07:18:06 -0600

Call for Papers

"Class, Work and Revolution"
Twenty-Sixth Annual North American Labor History Conference
Wayne State University,  October 21-23, 2004

The Program Committee of the North American Labor History Conference 
invites proposals for sessions and papers on "Class, Work and Revolution," 
for our twenty-sixth annual meeting.  Since the seventeenth century, the 
cataclysms of political and social revolution, broadly defined, have recast 
the nation-state and re-configured civil society, global economies, and 
national cultures.  In this process, class structures, the language and 
ideology of work and class, and class politics have been re-cast as 
revolutions and revolutionary regimes have emerged and changed.  In 2004, 
the North American Labor History Conference will explore these themes in a 
range of international and national contexts, such as the American 
Revolution, the French Revolution, revolutionary movements in Europe, Asia, 
Africa, and Latin America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the 
Mexican Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, and 
twentieth-century national liberation struggles

The program committee encourages comparative and interdisciplinary 
scholarship from a range of national and international contexts, the 
integration of public historians and community and labor activists into 
conference sessions, and the use of differing session formats (workshops, 
roundtable discussions, and multimedia as well as traditional panels).  It 
encourages sessions which may address the topic from perspectives of 
gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality.

Please submit panel and paper proposals (including a 1-2 page abstracts and 
brief cvs or biographical statements for all participants) by March 1st, 
2004, to:

Professor Janine Lanza, Coordinator, North American Labor History Conference
Department of History, 3094 Faculty Administration Building
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI  48202
Phone:  313/577-2525; Fax:  313 577-6987;

The North American Labor History Conference is sponsored by the Department 
of History, the Walter Reuther Library, the College of Liberal Arts, and 
the College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs, Wayne State 
University, and the Labor and Working Class History Association.