Re: HOAX? Re: The Beijing hack attack

From Bronc Buster <>
Date Tue, 28 Dec 1999 10:56:05 -0500 (EST)

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This story about this hoax was in fact later proven to be a hoax itself.
The person who wrote this story did NO research in attempting to find
anyone in the HKB. They didn't talk to anyone in the cDc nor anyone
connected to the HKBs, or anyone in the HKBs for that matter. They didn't
contact anyone in the Chinese government (just random people in Hong Kong
where the HKBs are not attacking - it's just part of their name). If he
had taken time to read anything about the HKBs he would of seen they are
all over the world, not in Hong Kong, and he would of also seen what their
mission was, which does not cover web defacaments and script kiddie

The author then went on to say something about LoU and our fiasco in
China, saying it was influenced by the HKBs, which is untrue. Because at
that time the HKBs were still an unknown group. A simple check of the
date on the cDc interview and announcement of the HKBs could of shown that
fairly easly.

The cDc issued a responce to this artcle, and it was later proven by other
reporters in other stories that the HKBs DO exist and that the Chinese
Govt has admitted that they know about that and have recorded attacks
reported to have been untaken by them.

   Bronc Buster

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, [iso-8859-1] J Thorel wrote:

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> The HK Blonds group may even be a big hoax. I don't remember if
> someone aready forwarded this piece or not, but I think it is a
> valuable work to mention in the present debate.
> >From Asia, republished on the Infowar website. 
> Abstracts:
> China: The Hong Kong Hacker Hoax - Media Fooled By Hacking Group's
> Prank.
>      The world's press might have been fooled into believing that a
> Chinese hacker group plans to bring down the country's information
> infrastructure. 
>      According to stories that began circulating in July last year,
> the rogue group, the Hong Kong Blondes, is made up of dissidents both
> overseas and within the Chinese Government. 
>      The rumours began when an interview with the group's leader was
> published by US hacking group the Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC)
> [ ]. 
>      In the interview, illusive Hong Kong Blondes director Blondie
> Wong said that he had formed an organisation named the Yellow Pages,
> which would use information warfare to attack China's information
> infrastructure. The group threatened to attack both Chinese state
> organisations and Western companies investing in the country. For
> their part, the CDC claimed that they would train the Hong Kong
> Blondes in encryption and intrusion techniques. 
>      One year after the group's supposed launch, an investigation by
> Internet Asia has failed to find any evidence that the Hong Kong
> Blondes ever existed.  
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