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Date Wed, 22 Dec 1999 13:41:33 -0500 (EST)

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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, alex galloway wrote:

> [: hacktivism :]
> >RTMark in their actions is totaly wrong, not even etoy want them
> >associated with them. RTMark continues to claim they have some group of
> >hackers, and a "torrent" of other groups they have joined with to fight
> >eToys actions. As to date no negative results have been noted by eToys but
> >a few unfounded stories in the media.
> well, you can't argue with the market. and i think the stock
> price drop of over %40 speaks for itself.

Here is a clear case of telling a half truth. This reminds me of a
reporter who wants to spice up a story so he only tells the best half of
it and disregards the rest, not caring if it could be a major part of it.

eToys stock has been on a rolarcoaster ride all year, and this latest
slide started before RTMark started their "hackers" war. Their stock
started to slide after their high in October, and has been falling since.
If you also took time to check out other online Toy like sites, you'll
also see their stock has been falling in a pattern similer to eToys, from
about 3 months ago (after the end of summer).

(3 month chart for eToys stock showing slide for last 3 months)

Stop with the smoke and mirrors; I am sure most of the people on this list
are smart and can figure these trivial facts out thmeselves.

> >In repeated interviews with RTMark,
> >and others involved, it is clear RTMark is out for coverage of themselves,
> >and not their actions, and they have no supporters (at least no one has
> >quoted or talked to any yet).
> not true. if you go to you will see a list of
> several hundred organizations and individuals who have gone on record
> supporting the floodnet actions. in addition, there were several thousand
> participating in the virtual sit-in.
> that's real people.

Real people alright. Even I am on that list somehow (my real name). So is
"theshit", and someone just named "joe". Man....that's some real support.
Cut and pasting URLs and random peoples names from who knows where sure
proves your large support base. To bad, as I said before, no one has ever
been talked to or been quoted in any story about this so far. No one else
has been talked to on RTMarks side except the people at RTMark. On the
flip side, they sure can find a lot of 3rd party people to talk to who
share my views who don't have any interest in this either way.
I also must of missed the list of supporters in RTMarks "hacker" army. 

What I do see now, althought, is that the call for the destruction of
eToys has now been changed to a simple "sit in". The mention of the afore
mentioned hackers is also missing. Wonder why that happened, and why it
was such a silent move.

Maybe it was the bad press, or opposition to this stance started to take
it's toll. Who knows. But what is becoming pretty clear is that the
message has gotton lost, and this is more about RTMarks actions, and eToys
reactions, and the nets reactions . It's no longer about helping some
poor artists with a domain dispute, it's about the "RTMark Media Circus".

   Bronc Buster

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