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From blocked@etoy.com
Date Sun, 19 Dec 1999 19:52:32 +0100 (MET)

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HEADLINES TODAY: business as usual?

etoy.TOYWAR  affects NASDAQ ?!
etoy.TOYWAR enters the MOMA NY!

last saturday network solutions shut
down the etoy.MAIL-SYSTEM without making
any official statements and without
reacting to the etoy.LAWYERS till now. 
this was not part of the preliminary 
injunction and therefore far away from 
being fair and legal (etoy was enjoined
from  "operating a web site with the
domain name www.etoy.com")! 

the plan was to brake down the resistance 
by cutting off our whole communication 
system by causing 90 man hours of high 
pressure work in order to fix the massive 

this is robbery of digital territory. 
american imperialism, corporate 
destruction and bulldozing in the way of 
the 19th century.

fortunately the internet resistance 
community was able to invest a huge amount 
of venture capital to keep up the fight 
which turns into an important precedence 
for all of us using the internet as a free 
and independent platform for the exchange 
of ideas and products of cultural value...
(87 etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES and 290 
etoy.MICROSHARE-CARDS will be delivered 
to new investors by the end of january 00).
eToys does not understand that the net is 
more than a huge market place.

this battle will be posted in the 
schoolbooks of the next generation for 
people like toby lenk jr. they will learn 
to accept the rights of others; fundamental 
rights of information, fair defense and 
freedom of speech.

our tactical mainframes are up and running 
again - ready to inform users and opinion 
leaders world wide.

all xy@etoy.com addresses have been 
temporally mapped to xy@toybomb.com 
(i.e. new address: mailme@toybomb.com)

the toywar.COMMUNITY just showed that it 
will not let this happen.

every person who follows the 
etoy uses the domain since 1995 (registration 
and launch of www.etoy.com) and established 
a valuable internet brand under the domain
www.etoy.com. etoy will not switch its HQ 
to another address!

etoy has priority trademark rights!

the eToys lawyers know how to manipulate a 
state court judge with defamation (they call 
the etoy.ART hardcore pornography, offensive, 
violent etc) and how to abuse the law system 
by producing 40 kilograms (our attorneys
have more than 350 pages document on their
desks) of rhetoric material trying to attack
etoy for security fraud, trademark abuse and
much more. they try to keep the etoy.CREW,
etoy.LAWYERS and CODERS busy and provoke
enormous costs and damages for the art
corporation etoy.

by spreading the information "of the upcoming 
release of an etoy.SHOPPER screen-saver cult 
software" the enemy tries to make etoy look 
like an illegal and irresponsible organization 
and to make their weak case stronger.

further the provider who hosts the network for 
thing.net shot down the thing network (the most 
courageous supporter of the etoy.TOYWAR.community
in new york) for a few hours to stop the virtual 
sit in actions organized by other artists. 
eToys shows its ugly face! the playful toy retailer 
knows no other way to solve problems than police, 
lawyers, power, money and violence.

etoy can not stop the community from flooding and 
organizing world wide boycotts against eToys servers. 
this is provoked by their attitude.

eToys just toke the wrong approach to the problem! 
note: the scary looking etoy.AGENTS are in fact well 
many exciting & twisted ventures in the past. we do 
not call for illegal actions. 

we politely urge eToys & network solutions to reinstall 
our dns root entries so the emails of our friends, 
sponsors, shareholders and business partners can find 
the way to our boxes again! we relay on this connections.

buy love - not war!
your etoy.CREW


next monday (20.12.99) we will hold a press conference 
on the etoy domain name dispute and the future of 
internet art in the age of e-commerce.  members of 
the etoy.ADVISORY-BOARD will be present. representatives
from RTMark, eviltoy, praystation, smokinggun, and others
announced their appearence to talk about peace & freedom
in TOYLAND. several santas, a marching band, children, and 
stock brokers will also be present.

Museum of Modern Art
Roy and Nina Titus Theater
11 West 53rd Street
New York
Monday, December 20, 1999, 6:30 pm
-- free for anyone --

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