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From Bronc Buster <>
Date Tue, 14 Dec 1999 17:20:21 -0500 (EST)

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A protest group calling for the destruction of online toy seller eToys
said it already has a group of hackers working on ways to interfere with
site traffic counts and the toy seller's server operations. 

In a press release sent out Dec. 12, RTMark, a group describing itself as
a "machine to improve its shareholders' culture and life - sometimes to
the detriment of corporate wealth - put out a call to Internet users to
"destroy" eToys by joining in a series of "sabotage" projects intended to
lower the company's stock market value as "quickly as possible." 

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Ya this story really sounds like a ploy to bring attention to this cause.
Is there anyone  who can't read english and see what this story is saying?
This is one of the WORSE, unthought out, immature, moronic plans I can
remember in rcient history. All you are doing is helping continue the
sterotype of hackers as bad evil people bent on destruction. Gee thanks!

Not only that, but you are helping people to get the wrong impression as
to what hacktivism is. "If we don't get our way, we are going to destroy
your business and web site". Ya, that's real smart. It doesn't really
matter what your intentions are, because the message you are convaying is
this one, and it's very clear.

I can't see how anyone on this list can support this type of irresponsibe

I hope eToys does sue RTmark. This has nothing to do with bringing
attention to a cause, this looks more like revenge. And by RTmarks words,
it sounds more like revenge as well. 

It's not our job to punish, but to inform.

   Bronc Buster

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