Re: WTO declares hatred for RTMark

From King Wilson <>
Date Thu, 2 Dec 1999 18:48:23 -0600

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>Okay, this is irritating. While I do think the WTO is greatly flawed and
>I do find it's criticism of someone's use of parody to excercism free
>speech is absolutely deplorable, this press release stinks.
>First of all, it would be appreciated if you put in BIG BOLD LETTERS
>that this is a press release and that the sender of this is affiliated
>with the organization that the WTO is criticizing. This is presented as
>some sort of unbiased news report (which most press releases do) and
>absolutely no REAL identification of who wrote it is made.
>To you, the sender of this press release, you have a duty to tell us who
>wrote this, what your biases are, and to not try and pass this off as
>some sort of piece of objective journalism. To do so is rude and

   I've been lurking on this list for a while now, and while I find most of
the discussion on it to be pretty innane, I've been hesitant to unsubscribe
to it, because every once in a while some interesting link will pop up.  My
finger has been hovering over the Reply button, but I havn't wanted to get
into a flame war over things that have been said around here.  This last
post, from Legba, kinda pissed me off enough to type in a few sentences.
  Legba, to ask for a list of credentials is incredibly stupid.  You should
be cautious about everything you read, whether you know where it comes from
or not.  Maybe this was your first time on the internet, but I feel like I
should tell you to prepare to be confused, tricked, and bamboozled.
  It sounds as though Legba would like us to post our resumes whenever we
say something around here.  I personally don't have one typed up, so I
guess in the interest of fairness I should say to everyone that I consider
myself to be "Chaotic Good"...
  Besides, for all we know, you work for the WTO......

>My other complaint is that this is a MAILING LIST. People come here to
>discuss issues, not to receive spam and propaganda which is exactly what
>this is. If you have an opinion to put forth, do what the rest of us do:
>post a normal message. Not this press release crap.
>However noble your intentions or correct your point of view, this is a
>disservice to everyone on this list.

    Actually, this is exactly the kind of thing I would expect to see on
this kind of list.  How could we have discussed this without first letting
everyone else know what we were discussing?
  This is the point in my story where I should state my beliefs that the
list should be split into a news list, and a discussion list.  I want the
news, but I don't need the commentary.

   imagine, a activist mailing list that doesn't deal in propaganda

>What I find most amusing is that you proclaim to be an organization that
>has as its goal "RTMark's principal aim is to publicize corporate abuses
>of democratic processes." Well, while I agree with you and I like the
>web page (I thought the Giuliani one was especially clever), but this
>press release sort of goes against your stated goals.
>Legba Carrefour <>

   I don't get this.  Why do you think it's against RTMark's "Stated Goals"

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