Re: "Biggest US Spy agency choking on too much information"

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Fri, 26 Nov 1999 00:45:55 -0800 (PST)

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Um..........maybe. And maybe to,this should fall
under the catagory of Misinformation.....?
I know for a fact the GOV likes to whine about
not being as good as they are..(?)...just to put
people off the scent. Yet,on the other hand...
I  don't think it's their 'equipment' that's
falling behind and out dated. What these people
soreley need to do is improve their tec.tactics
AND their mindset. 
I also know they have a
fleet,flock,gaggel,whatever, of people,small
though it may be,but still good enough to be able
to do what they say they can't. 
In my humble's a blind.
 Methinks they want to allay the fears of their
'subjects' enough so maybe,just maybe the
subjects will let down thier hair enough to be
able nab em easier. 
Call me paranoid, i suspect any/everything they
publicly 'admit' to. 
Why do I believe this?
I do alot of 'research'.
 and also,on one nite a few yrs ago,I unwisely
spent a  wee  bit  to  long  oogling some Very
Interesting GOV stuff,&"they" found me. While I
have fairly decent 'stealth stuffing', 100% top
notch it aint(lack of funds)So.."They" started
downloading my HD... I caught it immediately,and
literally pulled the plug. outta the
Obviously,they didnt get much, if anything, they
could still here.hehehe. 
It just goes to show though,they DO have the good
maybe my saving grace is Nothing I have is
registered to my real name/address... 
Nowadays, since that 'incident'..i tend to not
worry as much. I will give my name and some info
to people/places I believe can be trusted.
 But,What the hey!There has been a fbi file on me
since AIM.atwounded knee.But thats another
story.. unrelated to this in any way.
I have pgp,but dont use it as much as I used to.
I just canna believe that "they" dont have a
crack for it by now.......go figure?
Dos,I think is fine for the cases when one wants
to keep them from ..say,taking orders for their
products? or such like.
Also,it serves well to unite some in a common
cause for the good side.A sitin can be very
effective,given the right timing..
When a large group of 'protestors' unite to block
all other activity,it means the site isnt gonna
have any success that day/s.
Another +, it serves to gather more people into a
growing awareness of the chosen target's
Without destroying them altogether,it's a damn
good way of getting a point accross to them.
I still like best the method of 'capture and
replace' with a statement when the 'statement' is
a powerful meaningful message,and the links are
to if any are added. 
My third favorite is the sites
that are either valid & relevent information on
the 'subject' exposed for the public's
knowledge,or to a site that is the exact opposite
of the 'subject'.
 Sometimes that one is both a strong statement in
itself AND downright funny.
As for using the encryption more,yes. we should I
suppose. In the right circumstances.
If we use it here though,we have to post the key
or where to find it...and it will be public
knowledge anyway, then so will our other
mail,unless,'s just a big
hassel,so,why bother here?
anyway, I very well may be mistaken, but I
thought I read the original idea was for an open
list...arg,I must recheck..

((((I thought I was wrong once...but I was

Oh!,and about that black hole in the
are probably right....I didnt think it could
'live' very long either, (I learned a wee bit
about such things but am no 'rocket
It is just bothersome that they even want to try
such a thing..(when there are so many other
better things to do with the funds,like
nanotechnology?DNA?Implimenting some of those
genuinely better fuel sources,or last but not
least,improving the Nuke plants?not to mention
world blah..)...
What worries some of us most is
IF there is any way to mess it up,they probably
or the possibility of someone handing it over to
the military...Anybodys Military...for a
price,Highest bidder. would not be the first time
that was done,eh?
Like many of our missles,guns,tanks,etc.
Or,yet perhaps,they will finally find what they
are looking for...a better way for interstellar &
beyond travel... Now THAT would be most excellent
At any rate,methinks it bears watching...just
incase...a FYI here and there cannot possibly
JQPublic....and it keeps em humble.

And to Tom...I feel for ya!...try being born a
Welsh Sioux in a KKK oriented community!complete
with crossburning ceremonies (probably why I am
such an h/activist)....most of whom also have to
com-pute by pecking at the keyboard..If they can
even use one.Bawhahaha....arg.

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