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Also, Fax and Phone line jamming can cause much disruptions to business
operations. Sending a black page 100 or 10,000 times to a corporate fax
machine would cause a few problems (unless they receive it on computer)... 

Can the free fax services on the net be utilised for this??

Also, just dialling their switch around the same time would be again cause
problems ... Finding after hours dial-up numbers for key players of WTO
also would be a good way of disrupting how these people work. Also,
creating content on behalf of the WTO and its members would be fun too. A
press-release from say key government body to the media claiming this and
that ... 

Anyhow, just some thoughts ...

- Sam.

At 12:32 PM 11/16/99 -0800, you wrote:
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>I've seen several articles recently about the
>emergance of several tech-oriented unions.
>So far as I know, these have been ignored so far by
>the WTO, but seeing as the rest of western
>civilization thinks that anyone who can beat out a
>bunch of HTML is the coolest thing since cheeze-whiz,
>I would imagine that the WTO will be on us way too
>quickly, and there's no union as vunerable as a new
>So, no, I don't think that the WTO is a central focus
>for hacktavists, or the hacker community at large, but
>yes, I think it should be, as it's the first thing to
>come along in several years that stands to affect us
>in a tangible manner.  (none of this Echelon, 'Big
>Brother might be spying on me' shit)
>-mia k.
>--- Stefan Wray <> wrote:
>> [: hacktivism :]
>> but, is the WTO a central focus for hacktivists?
>> Should it be?
>> WTO ~ what is to be done?
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