Moscow Fax intercept procedure, Neuroscience Marketing Schemers

From maggie knowles <>
Date Sun, 14 Nov 1999 08:16:51 -0800

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FYI - I thought some in this group might be interested in this post from
the cloaks and daggers list. of particular interest to me is the last
paragraph about how this person used a search engine and how immediately
after, he began to receive junk mail re: his search subject.  i find
marketing and advertising in general to be extremely destructive and
intrusive.  i cannot read, watch, or hear a commercial without feeling
angry/violent, especially car commercials on tv, cigarette and alcohol
ads on billboards, etc. 

i live my life openly, i don't believe in secrets, but i don't want
corps to know anything about me. what are some ways that we can resist
online marketers/advertisers?  

Subject:           Your fax to Moscow ....
     Date:           Sun, 14 Nov 1999 01:50:50 +0000
    From:           "Markku J. Saarelainen" <mjsion@EARTHLINK.NET>
 Reply-To:           "Cloaks-and-Daggers Open Discussion of Intelligence

If you fax your fax to Moscow, it most likely will be intercepted by the
CIA/NSA and then transmitted through the satellite link to the NSA's
mainframes in Fort Meade + other places, the NSA's headquarters + other
places, and then processed to a text file from the fax image file using
a variety of high-grade OCR software applications. After this your fax
shall be analyzed by many object-oriented programs that are using
keyword tables and historical communication databases for classifying
this communication. In addition, the  person's ID shall be analyzed by
similar applications and then evaluated for his/her importance for
futher analysis. After these analysis have been completed, a person and
communication shall be assigned specific
classification and depending on the nature and importance of a person
and accumulated data communications around the world, additional actions
and/or collection activities shall be initiated.

<comments re: CIA snipped...>

I used a popular search engine and used the following keywords
"neuroscience" and "neural system". I had not used these keywords
earlier with any search engines or in any internet communications. In
fact, this was my first time to use "neuroscience" on the internet. Few
days after using these keywords, I received in mail a magazine
addressing many interesting neuroscience and neural network related
topics. I have never before received any neuroscience magazines. So
somebody took my IP communication ID#, my keyword information that I
used with the search engine and got my postal address from data
retailers -- and sold/provided this information to a company /
institution. It was clear this was a commercially orchestrated process
by certain companies. I
do not think that the CIA/NSA would have been involved in this, because,
most likely, the CIA/NSA took my IP communication property before these
communications ever reached any servers of the search engine company.
just appeared to be one very fast commercially handled scheme.


NOTE: "I disagree with what you  say, but I will defend to the death
your right to say it."

Markku J. Saarelainen

No thought written in this message is a statement of any organization by
which I am employed or for which I work.

2nd DISCLAIMER: This unencrypted message may have been intercepted and
read by several individuals and agencies before you have read it.

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