the truth about encryption?

From "scotartt" <>
Date Sun, 7 Nov 1999 11:35:14 +1100

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Cambridge University cryptography expert Ross Anderson says governments'
efforts to keep encryption technology out of the hands of criminals and
terrorists is misguided: "If I were to hold a three-hour encrypted
conversation with someone in the Medellin drug cartel, it would be a dead
giveaway. In routine monitoring, GCHQ (Britain's signals intelligence
service) would pick up the fact that there was encrypted traffic and would
instantly mark down my phone as being suspect. Quite possibly the police
would then send in the burglars to put microphones in all over my house. In
circumstances like this, encryption does not increase your security. It
immediately and rapidly decreases it. You are mad to use encryption if you
are a villain." (New Scientist 6 Nov 99)

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