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The issue facing the Dine'h resisters is a critical one.  If the U.$. gov't
succeeds in relocating them-physically-then they will have committed an act
of assimilation-as relocating these people, for strip mining interests in the 
name of a 'land-dispute',
will destroy their culture.  The Dine'h(Navajo) are one of the few remaining
people on this now-called U.$. land that still live according to tradition.

The Dine'h grandmother resisters are asking that people mobilize and head out 
to Big Mountain, near Flagstaff AZ, to make the resistance successful.  A
similiar relocation date was proposed for 1985 but was not carried through
because of the amount of resistance, and of course with help from Earth
Mother.  Alternatively, those who cannot physically make it out to Big
Mountain are being asked to keep the pressure on the U.$. officials.

I am currently in the process of constructing a web-based  auto-fax that will 
enable internet users to send a free fax to these officials.  

Below are some links for more information.  knowledge IS power.

Please contact me for more information.

Tierra y Libertad,

> [: hacktivism :]
>  Off Topic......I know,but it is a worthwhile thing.It
> would seem that any relavent topic that involves
> activism and the hacker ethics should be considered
> for hacktivism topics?
> Still...I am not really sure exactly what is On
>, I bring this to the table...for your
> perusal.
> This was E-mailed to me and I went and checked it out
> first. It is legit.It is going to happen.People are
> going to die.This kind of thing is stupid as slavery.
> It should have died out ages ago.It must be stopped.
> knowingly and willingly placing people ANY race, in
> direct danger such as a stripmined dump that has not
> been cleaned up is just another form of genocide...I
> see here why this country is so slow to aid other
> countries when they beg for help in their genocide
> issues...this country is no different.on my
> reservation there are open areas of
> plutonium,abandoned that way for 20 odd years... the
> lukemia incidence is high there.etc.
> ****************Sharkdance writes*********************
> Subject: Please help the Dine'h. 
> To weave for the Dine'h is a prayer of thanksgiving
> for the Dine'h, 
> "the people" whom some call Navaho. Without their
> sheep they cannot pray. 
> As of Feb. 1, 2000 this proud independent matriachal
> culture will be 
> forced once again to move to a "New Land", to be
> relocated, which they 
> have no word for in their language. 
> In 1998, President Clinton signed the Relocation Act
> during a golf 
> game, condemning the Dine'h to be moved again against
> their will, to "New Land" which is filled with
> radioactive uranium tailings at 100 times the maximum
> safety level. 
> It's rather late in the game but we had to try and
> help these people. 
> 7 grandmothers have refused to sign over their land,
> and will refuse 
> because Big Mountain is sacred to them, the Earth
> their Mother, this is their lives they refuse to hand
> over to the BIA, and Peabody Coal. 
> These 7 grandmothers are the elders of the Dine'h and
> represent 14,000 
> people. 
> The Dine'h people are afraid that their will be
> another Ruby Ridge or 
> Waco or Wounded Knee on or before Feb. 1 
> Please sign the Petition to end the genocide of the
> Dine'h People, and 
> let them continue to weave and breathe. 
> This is surely one of the darkest episodes in our
> history. 
> ******************************************************
> is the link to their
> story. The 
> Petition can be accessed near the bottom of their
> page. 
> Please sign it. 
> peace
> ZoeScanner
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