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From "Lindsey Smith" <>
Date Thu, 04 Nov 1999 18:35:14 PST

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Well, I'm one of those types that think that the government is a corporate 
oligarchy.  My university is dominated by corporate interests and those of 
us who have tried to speak out against the corporations have been silenced.  
Free speech is tolerated only to the extent that it doesn't hurt the 
interests of the trustees or our president.  There has been a series of gang 
rapes and beatings that have occurred on our campus over the last few years, 
too many of which have involved a particular fraternity.  When several women 
decided there was a need to make the campus aware of the sexual harassment 
and rapes that have happened by posting fliers, they were taken down.  When 
the women approached the university about this they were told that notices 
of this kind would lower enrollment rates.  A professor intervened on their 
behalf and though the entire dept. voted to reappoint him for the following 
semester, he was released.  What is really interesting is that several of 
the trustees (who basically own this town) are alumni of this fraternity.  A 
friend of mine who has heavily researched (for 2 years) this fraternity and 
is fighting to have its charter revoked published an article in an 
underground student newsletter exposing everything, was told the next week 
he could no longer DJ his acoustic radio show because he was using it to 
further his own interests even though he hadn't said anything about this 
fraternity or any other personal interest on the air for almost five months. 
  Even more interesting is that Gov. John Engler who is vying for the 
vice-pres candidacy slot with Bush is also an alumnus of this fraternity.  
This particular oppression may be at the university level now but it looks 
like it might be something that goes up to the top.  If people honestly can 
believe that legislators and others in positions of power don't except 
millions of dollars in campaign contributions in exchange for passing 
certain legislation, if people can't make connections between corporate 
"Fruit" interests or corporate oil interests and the wars we wage against 
other nations, if people cannot make sense of the fact that files that were 
stolen from the FBI by activists state exactly how they were trying to crush 
the Civil Rights movement by having informants in the various groups and by 
pitting various black leaders against each other, then I am afraid.
Its everywhere. And I see it with my own eyes.

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From: Percepti0n <>
Subject: RE:every post regarding government snooping
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 19:51:44 -0600 (CST)

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My place of employment usually has some pretty interesting discussions on
our company mailing list.  Here is a snippet from a thread that I
thought would be apropriate for here - what do you think of this outlook?
  Though I wish my personal business could be snoop proof, and I don't
agree with a lot of things the government does - this actually makes a bit
of sense.  - -

 > > Too many people are willing to give up
 > > privacy in the name of "getting the bad guys."
 > Actually, the opposite is true; too many people are unwilling to go to
 > even the slightest inconvenience in order to help protect society.

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