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From Chuck0 <chuck@tao.ca>
Date Thu, 04 Nov 1999 13:38:30 -0500

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Looks like the list moderation will swing into action pretty soon.

Meanwhile, we've seriously considered Stefan's request for a list dump,
where undiscovered nuggets of hacktivist thinking could be sifted. We
discussed several options and we've come up with what I think is an
acceptable alternative. We've set up a web-based discussion phorum for
hacktivism which will allow a greater range of postings that what you
will probably see on the moderated hacktivism list. This phorum won't be
totally unmoderated--on a regular basis somebody (probably Chuck0) will
go through and weed out spam and stuff that it *way* off topic (i.e.
discussions of NASCAR racing, knitting, and the Kansas Jayhawks).

Please bookmark this URL and please feel free to post there:



Mid-Atlantic Infoshop

Leonard Peltier Freedom Month 
Executive Clemency For Peltier!

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Now!

"A society is a healthy society only to the degree 
that it exhibits anarchistic traits." 
        - Jens Bjørneboe

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