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From "piLL" <>
Date Wed, 3 Nov 1999 13:50:52 -0800
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OK wait a second... Can anyone verify this claim? My guess is that its bunk
the link on the page to the Wired news story is not a valid link. 



Actually, it seems to be a growing trend to do so in software these days.
For example, ICQ has an auto-update feature, which also returns user
specific information to the icq servers, such as what software you have
installed, serial numbers, and all that fun stuff.

For your perusal, this url has some information about it.

WinAMP also has an auto update feature, I was told at one time that they
are also owned by AOL, but I haven't confirmed this.

The link to a wired article contained in the url concerning this
behaviour is no longer functional though.


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