Echelon revealed by Aussies

From "Craig Silverman" <>
Date Wed, 3 Nov 1999 10:49:38 -0500

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It seems the Australian government has admitted that
Echelon exists.


Two of the chief protagonists - Britain and America -
officially deny its existence. But the BBC has
confirmation from the Australian Government that such a
network really does exist and politicians on both sides of
the Atlantic are calling for an inquiry. 

Journalist Duncan Campbell has spent much of his life
investigating Echelon. In a report commissioned by the
European Parliament he produced evidence that the
NSA snooped on phone calls from a French firm bidding
for a contract in Brazil. They passed the information on
to an American competitor, which won the contract. 

"There's no safeguards, no remedies, " he said, "There's
nowhere you can go to say that they've been snooping
on your international communications. Its a totally
lawless world." 

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