Personal information?

From Tom <>
Date Sat, 30 Oct 1999 08:20:21 +0900

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I'm just curious, but I'd like to know, what are you concerned about? 

Do you think that giving out your Personal information on web sites
(name, address, age, money...) is a "violation" of some kind?

Do you honestly fill them out?

How many of you CARE about them?

Myself, I used to be extremely paranoid, I'd NEVER give out my
information, I'd change my age, make my income better than what it is,

However, lately (as in the last 2 years), I've just not cared anymore. 
Maybe I just caved, gave up?  Feeling my age?  Whatever, but as of this
date, it just doesn't bother me and I don't have a REAL reason why it
DOESN'T bother me, as apposed to when it DID bother me.

Any comments (besides loooooser... (ha ha)).

Tom Garner
ICQ:  4580576

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