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Date Fri, 29 Oct 1999 09:58:04 +0100
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I think Jason is on the right track here. These are excellent definitions
and observations. They delineate between those who hack "to solve a problem"
and those who do it just to show off. Also, he makes a good case for the
value of JED, because it did bring media attention to the reality of
unwarranted intrusions on individual privacy. I'm sure many didn't even know
about Echelon before this effort.


From: Jason Castonguay <>
> On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, piLL wrote:
> > Where is the line drawn between "hacktivism" and 'hackerism'?
> > (hacking/terrorism)
> Hack: An original, creative way of solving a problem, usually involving
> technology.
> Hacker: One who hacks.
> Hacktivism: An original, creative form of activism, usually involving
> technology.

> > hacking is generally considered to be malicious...or at least very
> Depends on who you talk to. People who have a misconception of what
> hacking is seem to fear it. I have talked to too many people who have been
> harassed by the police, doctors, and teachers because of their 'hacker
> status.' Hacking is as malicious as painting (or whatever art form(s)
> you participate in). For example, recently there was an artist in New York
> City who seemed to drum up some anger from some people. Do I consider all
> artists to be offensive? No.
> > how far are people willing to go in their cyber 'arm chair-activism'? >
> > do any of us expect to change anything, or just talk about how awful
> > are? (which is ok :)
> I expect to change things. How much may vary. Please remember that
> hacktivism may be different for different people. Hooking up a live
> webcam at a protest, helping distribute computers to people who want them,
> education/workshop programs, setting up a bandwidth co-op, setting up some
> space for your community, defacing webpages, and shutting down
> telephone/fax/internet communications are all forms of hacktivism. They
> are all appropriate depending on the situation. Also note that this does
> not mean that DoS'ing someone or changing a webpage to read "I got root.
> You loosers!" is hacktivism.
> > i just dont know how successful 'echelon dictionary campaigns' (and the
> > like) are, but i personally would like to feel that we are making a
> > difference if we are gonna act like thats what we are doing here.
> Jam Echelon Day was about awareness more then flooding Echelon. It was
> of a media hack then anything else. A reasonably successful one at that.
> > The way this stuff gets reported on TV, (like the echelon campaign) this
> > all just an 'Art Bell/X-Files trip' and we are a bunch of conspiracy
> > geeks...
> It is the media's interest to paint as much of a negative picture as they
> can. Either they say something about the evil activist/hacker or the wacko
> conspiracy freak. Such sensationalism sells advertising and discredits
> those who decide to think for themselves.
> > Don't forget, hacking can be as powerful in cyberspace as bombs are in
> > real world...
> >
> > maybe 2 lists: hacktivism and hackerism :)
> I don't understand what angle you are coming from. I can't go kill someone
> by hacking, as I could with a bomb. If you mean that both can have a big
> impact, both are a form of action.
> > I hope i am not out of place for saying this, i am new to all this. I
> > assume i even know what i am talking about! :)
> >
> > i am no hacker, i am an artist concerned about the future.
> >
> > piLL
> These are all reasonable points that should be addressed. It is good
> to have many points of view, as it prevents the group-think that one sees
> more and more often (ie /.). If you want to learn more about the hacker
> aspect of things, read some zines and meet some people in your area. I
> grew up reading the Cult of the Dead Cow ( and am
> active in local my 2600 'group' as well as local Linux Users Groups. Make
> sure you know what you are getting in to though. A lot of organizations
> are either very immature or very elitist. Sometimes you might have to try
> a few before you can find a good match.
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